Oneness Pentecostal

What We Believe

Outside the wall of the old city of Jerusalem in 29AD our world was forever changed. A Roman soldier took an amber colored olive tree stake and nailed the hands and feet of what he thought was a criminal. Little did that soldier know he was piercing the flesh of God Himself. 

Jesus Christ of Nazareth was the God of eternity come to live in a human body. That hot April day in Palestine the great God of eternity shed His own blood for our redemption.

That is the basis of our faith at FPC. We ascribe to the tenets of faith of the New Testament. We discard councils, tribunals, and ecclesiastical bodies. We seek to know the original format left by Jesus to His disciples. We ask only "What did Jesus say?" We ask only "What did Jesus command?" We ask, "What did His disciples teach?"

It is our belief that this is enough. No further dogmas, doctrines, opinions or additions are to be added to Christianity today. This alone we seek. We want the church of the 2000's to replicate the church of 29AD as closely as possible.

Therefore we baptize as found in the Book of Acts. We practice receiving the Holy Ghost speaking in tongues, the same as the early church did. We practice going to church on the first day of the week because of their precedent. We still observe healings and the miraculous. We follow the pattern set by Jesus disciples in separation from the world and its sin. We believe the Bible is literal. We offer no apology and give no quarter when the Bible is placed in juxtaposition to any other writ. The Bible is right. This is our statement of faith!